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White Wines

-+683821 | 12.0% alc/vol | 0 (0.59%)

Harmony White 2013   $13.95

Medium bodied blend of Pinot Gris, Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Auxerrois. Guava and grapefruit flavours dominate with a lovely herbal undertone.


-+168385 | 13.4% alc/vol | 0 (0.86%)

Pinot Gris 2013   $16.95

Off-dry and bold, this wine features aromas of pear, melon, citrus peel and star fruit. Full-flavoured, medium-bodied with a mouth-filling texture, attractive acid length and a off-dry finish. The pear and citrus peel flavours lend a lovely appeal and elegance. Pairs well with smoked salmon, mushrooms, poultry and light pasta dishes.


-+81398 | 13.0 alc/vol | 1 (1.20%)

Gewürztraminer 2013   $17.95

A rich, full-bodied, intense demi-sec Gewürztraminer with excellent varietal definition. A nose of lychee and cinnamon leads to a palate with sweet litchee and grapefruit notes. The finish is long and pleasant. Serve chilled with Stilton cheese or spicy dishes such as curry.


Red Wines

-+777201 | 12.0% alc/vol | 0 (0.49%)

Harmony Red 2012 $15.95

This Spicy red blend of Merlot, Zweigelt, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Syrahis medium bodied with intense aromas and flavours of black pepper, cherry, and violets..


-+777201 | 12.0% alc/vol | 0 (0.49%)

Pinot Noir 2012 $18.95

Rich flavours of ripe dark cherry, warm spices and a hint of smoke offer complexity to this velvety, medium-bodied wine.


-+34462 | 11.7 alc/vol | 0 (0.27%)

Zweigelt 2010   $19.95

Vibrant and fruit forward, both the nose and the palate have ample dark fruit - blackberry, dark cherry, succulent blueberry and a hint of toastiness. Enjoy with pork tenderloin or smoked Gouda.


-+34462 | 18.8 alc/vol | 0 (0.27%)

Aspire 2011   $19.95

A blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah with aromas and flavours of plum and cherry. Abundant tannins would suggest decanting before serving with heartier foods such as roast duck and rabbit casserole with an apricot or prune sauce.


Dessert Wines

-+527499 | 13.2% alc/vol | 6 (6.2%)

Late Harvest Viognier 2011 $18.95

Bright fruty aromas and flavours of honeysuckle, citrus and melon are followed by a smooth long finish. Pair with lighter desserts and fresh fruit.

-+180612 | 13.4% alc/vol | 13 (14.3%)

Chardonnay Icewine 2012 $59.95

This fresh, buttery and smooth nectar of richness demonstrates good balance, and exhibits flavours of ripe apple, apricot, melon and lemon zest. A hint of oak vanilla, toasted marshmallow aromas round out the robust yet gentle mouth-feel.

-+202432 | 13.0% alc/vol | 21 (21.7%)

Merlot Icewine 2011 $59.95

Rich in aromas and flavours of dark cherry, strawberry and sweet fig. The finish is long and gives way to warm flavours of honey and brown sugar.

-+180612 | 12.9% alc/vol | 14 (14.3%)

Zweigelt Icewine 2011 $75.00

This port-like icewine has a velvety texture and wonderfully balanced acidity. Hazelnut, dried cherry and butterscotch come through and linger on the palate.