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White Wines

-+683821 | 12.0% alc/vol | 0 (0.59%)

Harmony White 2013   $13.95

Medium bodied blend of Pinot Gris, Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Auxerrois. Guava and grapefruit flavours dominate with a lovely herbal undertone.


-+168385 | 13.4% alc/vol | 0 (0.86%)

Pinot Gris 2013   $16.95

Off-dry and bold, this wine features aromas of pear, melon, citrus peel and star fruit. Full-flavoured, medium-bodied with a mouth-filling texture, attractive acid length and a off-dry finish. The pear and citrus peel flavours lend a lovely appeal and elegance. Pairs well with smoked salmon, mushrooms, poultry and light pasta dishes.


-+81398 | 13.0 alc/vol | 1 (1.20%)

Gewürztraminer 2013   $17.95

A rich, full-bodied, intense demi-sec Gewürztraminer with excellent varietal definition. A nose of lychee and cinnamon leads to a palate with sweet litchee and grapefruit notes. The finish is long and pleasant. Serve chilled with Stilton cheese or spicy dishes such as curry.


Red Wines

-+777201 | 12.0% alc/vol | 0 (0.49%)

Harmony Red 2011 $15.95

This Spicy red blend of Merlot, Zweigelt, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Syrahis medium bodied with intense aromas and flavours of black pepper, cherry, and violets..


-+777201 | 12.0% alc/vol | 0 (0.49%)

Pinot Noir 2012 $18.95

Rich flavours of ripe dark cherry, warm spices and a hint of smoke offer complexity to this velvety, medium-bodied wine.


-+34462 | 11.7 alc/vol | 0 (0.27%)

Zweigelt 2010   $19.95

Vibrant and fruit forward, both the nose and the palate have ample dark fruit - blackberry, dark cherry, succulent blueberry and a hint of toastiness. Enjoy with pork tenderloin or smoked Gouda.


Dessert Wines

-+527499 | 13.2% alc/vol | 6 (6.2%)

Late Harvest Viognier 2011 $18.95

Bright fruty aromas and flavours of honeysuckle, citrus and melon are followed by a smooth long finish. Pair with lighter desserts and fresh fruit.


-+180612 | 12.9% alc/vol | 14 (14.3%)

Chardonnay Icewine 2007 $60.00

This fresh, buttery and smooth nectar of richness demonstrates good balance, and exhibits flavours of ripe apple, apricot, melon and lemon zest. A hint of oak vanilla, toasted marshmallow aromas round out the robust yet gentle mouth-feel.


-+202432 | 13.0% alc/vol | 21 (21.7%)

Merlot Icewine 2011 $59.95

Rich in aromas and flavours of dark cherry, strawberry and sweet fig. The finish is long and gives way to warm flavours of honey and brown sugar.


-+180612 | 12.9% alc/vol | 14 (14.3%)

Zweigelt Icewine 2011 $75.00

This port-like icewine has a velvety texture and wonderfully balanced acidity. Hazelnut, dried cherry and butterscotch come through and linger on the palate.