Our Roots

-Many wonder how Kalala Organic Estate Winery got its name. The legend comes from my grandparents who told me the story of how the village where I was born came to be. The story says that long ago, in Northern Bharat, India, farmers were tending to their animals when they came across a wolf and lamb sitting together in a beautiful valley. This peaceful coexistence was so inspiring that they moved their village to this very spot, in hopes that the same harmony would be reflected in their village, and named it “Miracle Place”, or “Kalala” in Punjabi. I felt that this was reflective of the Okanagan Valley and our pursuit to grow our grapes in harmony with nature. So in a tribute to my home town, I named my winery after this miraculous place.


We now produce a number of award winning wines that are available for tasting in the wine shop. Our wine shop is currently located directly within our wine making facility so you will have an authentic tasting experience. We have seventeen planted acres on the Westbank property with breath taking views of the lake. Walk the vineyards, learn about organic viticulture and winemaking, and try some of the wines in our portfolio.